Sam Sand Dunes may be a should visit within the state of Rajasthan within the surroundings of the town of Jaisalmer. it's seeming that you just are going for a Desert campaign once going to visit the Thar Desert alternatively, the purpose of going there's useless, creating the surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes associate degree increasing major traveler attraction of the town.

Although it's same again and again that Jaisalmer is that the best time of the day to travel there's before sun sets at around 4-6 PM or within the wee hours of the morning at 4-6 AM before the sun rises. Most of the guests are in motor car masses returning from Jaisalmer United Nations agency are being hunted person by stubborn artiodactyl mammal house owners for a ride with fees, kids dance on the road dressed up during a native outfit, and tiny kids and even young guys United Nations agency sell soft drinks to quench the thirst.

The place has become very touristy over the years; many want to experience the desert during sunsets and sunrise, that is some type of being in a carnival atmosphere than any different. however there ar still some wonderful piece during this a part of the globe that haven't nevertheless been touched by such a large amount of travelers that ar still nevertheless to be disclosed to the remainder of the globe. surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes can continually be a crucial journey to expertise Jaisalmer and Rajasthan as an entire.

A read ON surface-to-air missile SAND DUNES BY MAHARAJA DESERT VIEW CAMP

A rare desert space that lies simply within the fringe of Jaisalmer Desert parkland and is additionally rated as prime ten should see traveller destinations in Rajasthan by MAHARAJA DESERT VIEW CAMP, surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes ar a merely superb. These dunes ar 42-45 Kms removed from the golden town (Jaisalmer) and includes a nice sealed non-bumpy road that is maintained by Indian Arm forces.

If you request from me, these sand dunes ar the significantly kind of like MAHARAJA Desert. the simplest time to go to these dunes is either sunset (around 4-7 PM) or sunrise (4-6 AM). There ar several different activities that once will relish like these dunes have several locals United Nations agency provide artiodactyl mammal campaign & motorcar campaign. 

Plus there ar MAHARAJA desert camp house owners United Nations agency provide Swiss tents and dust cottages simply next to surface-to-air missile dunes. Here once will relish special Rajasthani musical and dance program & by night will have dinner ready by these camps (both veg and non veg.

And if you're a keen observer of desert then let Maine conjointly counsel you to shoot some pictures of desert scarabaeid United Nations agency collects artiodactyl mammal dung doubly their size.

Despite of these, Jaisalmer isn’t a solo traveller destination or an area wherever you're just like the solely person alone in th sand. From the month of Oct to December, surface-to-air missile dunes have several domestic and foreign tourists (in sensible numbers) however still these dunes can give you area to border pictures of Brobdingnagian desert, locals hospitable you at camps, campaign vendors following you for a paid artiodactyl mammal ride etc.

I will say that surface-to-air missile dunes in India’s winter is a tremendous destination and therefore the best thanks to choose this time is by exploring these dunes your self.



Majority of the travelers choose to visit the surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes for on a daily basis excursion returning from Jaisalmer, others connexion in some artiodactyl mammal safaris. There ar lots of camp house owners United Nations agency ar giving mud cottages and Swiss tents to tourists. The camp is associate degree exciting thanks to expertise superb sunsets on the horizon. Bonfires ar continually a crucial side of the trip wherever everybody will learn and luxuriate in the Rajasthani music and dance further as dinner that is ready by the camp operators that ar either feeder or non feeder for each the native and international guests. There also are some stray of tea retailers and restaurants round the dunes for day trippers to relish.

At night, it's a requirement that travelers get to expertise parturition within the sand and do observance. The place isn't populous; there aren't enough engines to cause air pollution within the air, therefore the probability of seeing stars at nighttime is certainly high.


THE BEST TIME to go to IS throughout FESTIVALS

During the months of Oct to December is once several tourists drove within the surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes in superb numbers that cannot cause less enjoyment for every traveller as a result of the wide area of the Thar Desert. The surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes is maybe is most gratifying throughout the winter season in Bharat once the warmth plummets to its lowest purpose during a year to explore the dunes even farther.

The whole place becomes some type of a cultural hub throughout the months of Gregorian calendar month and March. The showcase of the Rajasthani culture generally is that the yearly organized Desert competition wherever extravaganzas like artiodactyl mammal races, people dance shows, puppet shows, and competitions to mark the annual celebration command with splendor and show.

Location and What to Expect Maharaja Desert View Camp

The Thar maharaja Desert is beyond any doubt one amongst the foremost attractions around Jaisalmer and barely do tourists visit the fairytale town and not venture out into it. These days, there ar various choices for staying go into the desert in a very tent or desert camp, starting from basic to extremist luxurious. suppose glamping!


The majority of desert camps ar placed on and close to the most road near the SAM Sand Dunes, wherever individuals flock to travel on a artiodactyl ride into the sunset. However, there ar alternative choices that give distinctive, non-touristy experiences. Yet, notwithstanding wherever you keep, artiodactyl rides and evening cultural programs with folk are going to be on provide.


When selecting a desert camp, particularly ones round the SAM Dunes, it is important to try to to your analysis and decide a good place that is properly managed. Otherwise, you are probably to finish up with a unclean tent, poor food, unhealthy service, and loud music. what is a lot of, you will be subjected to the noise coming back from neighboring camps. you will find that the tents typically have hooked up bogs with western bathrooms. However, not all can give predicament and heating. Do detain mind that photos on websites are often dishonorable too!


Browse through these 1 prime Jaisalmer tent hotel and desert camps, for all budgets, to urge a thought of what is on the market.

Intimate and Peaceful: Maharaja Desert View Camp


 Maharaja Desert View Camp could be a comparatively new and tiny luxury Maharaja Jaisalmer desert camp (it opened in late 2010) with simply ten Swiss tents. in contrast to alternative camps within the surface-to-air missile Sand Dunes space, it's notably peaceful. The camp features a rural village location a brief distance from the dunes. several of the workers square measure native villagers, and it's adorned with ancient artifacts, giving it a standard village feel. in contrast to the a lot of blatant camps, there are not any DJs and loud music at this elegant camp. solely puppet shows and Rajasthani dance. even-toed ungulate safaris square measure applied at personal sand dunes, faraway from the jam-pawncked. observance at midnight on the top side terrace is additionally potential.


In terms of the tents, they are pushing and immaculate, together with the bogs. they are available with air-conditioners and heaters. you will be shocked however snug staying during a tent will be!


Location: Sam sand Dunes opp. Sam Sand dunes  jaisalmer 345001, Rajasthan India

Cost: The camp operates from Gregorian calendar month to March annually. Expect to pay concerning (on call and visit this link  rupees per night for a tent, with all meals enclosed. the speed additionally includes even-toed ungulate ride into the dunes and visit native villages. Compare costs and skim reviews on Tripadvisor.

More Information: Maharaja Desert  View Camp web site. Bookings also can be organized through suggested  RP Softech Travel, the owner of that additionally runs Maharaja Desert  View Camp.

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